How it may affect ads was also addressed in the e-mail to ad agencies. “Users will understand the distinction through explicit social context, messaging and aesthetic differences. An Engagement ad…

Many brands are “greenwashing” this year, seems like they’re talking the right talk to the right audiences. But will it win them over?

Interesting to see them make the decision to shift the entire engagement platform over to Facebook.

Consumers said that their number-one reason for becoming a fan of a brand on social networking sites was to receive discounts from the companies. Other reasons for following a brand included…

The study found that while girls were alert to sales on favorite brands, they tended to share this information with a small circle of intimates, through phone calls or text messages, rather than…

Nice exploration into the different tactics brands (and their PR firms) are taking on engaging via Facebook

And they say teens don’t tweet. ZOMG. LOL

Priceless, good reminder-style article for anyone thinking about creating or maintaining a Twitter presence for brands.

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